Donna Felicia. Our organic EVO

Olive Oil Ruskìa • Donna Felicia

Organoleptic profile

COLOR: yellow with intense green reflections.
SCENT: slightly fruity enriched with herbal notes.
TASTE: delicate and embracing, with very pleasant and balanced bitter and spicy and taste, with clear sensations of freshly cut grass and fresh almond.

Food pairing

Excellent with delicate dishes of medium structure such as: white meat, fish (boiled or grilled), delicate soups, tomato salads and bruschetta, buffalo mozzarella, grilled vegetables, pizza and cakes (instead of butter). Highly recommended for children’s diet.

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Chemical analysis (2018-2019)

PEROXIDES: 5,4 meq
POLYPHENOLS: 697 mg/kg

Technical data

OLIVES ORIGIN: Azienda Agricola Nicola Converso
NAME OLIVE GROVE: Donna felicia
PRODUCTION AREA: Rossano – Calabria (Italy)
ALTITUDE: 70 above sea level
AVERAGE RAINFALL: 700 mm / year
IRRIGATION: drip Irrigation
SOIL: rich in texture and well drained
PROCESSINGS PERFORMED: manual pruning, shredding of organic residues CERTIFICATION BODY: Bioagricert
CULTIVAR: Dolce di Rossano, Cima di Melfi, Nocellara del Belice
PLANT: secular olive trees
HARVESTING METHOD: Harvesting with mechanical facilitators
PLACE OF EXTRACTION: Caloveto, Calabria (Italy) – Frantoio Benincasa
PRESSING METHOD: Continuous cycle plant, 3 phases, with a little addition of water
HARVEST TIME: From October 15th to November 15th
STORAGE OLIVE: perforated plastic boxes
FILTER: cotton filters

Chemical analysis and certifications

CHEMICAL ANALYSIS (YEAR 2018/2019): download

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil • Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Biologico • Biologische Extra Vergine Olijfolie