Organic olive farm

Olive Oil Ruskìa • Organic Farm

We are an Italian boutique olive farm, family run, focused on the production of premium organic extra virgin olive oil.

Our lands are located in Rossano (Calabria – Italy), between the northern slopes of Sila and the plain of Sybaris. Territory of Greek origin, where the culture and tradition of the olive oil dates back to many centuries before Christ. The stony soil rich in minerals, the intense and long exposure to sunlight and the beneficial effect of wind that rises from the near sea, are all key factors for the production of a premium extra virgin olive oil with organoleptic properties unique in the world.

Our property has a total area of 10 hectares, all dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees, with over 2,000 olive trees, partly secular plants.

We adopt, by choice, an organic cultivation, and we treat every single olive tree with the attention and the passion it deserves. Convinced that everything we give to nature comes back to us. Our goal is to produce the best organic extra virgin olive oil our nature can offer and to delight the wellness lovers in the world with its unique flavours and healthy properties.

All this is Ruskìa.
Our family. Our passion. Our oil.