Organic cultivation

Olive Oil Ruskìa • Organic Cultivation

We adopt, by choice, an organic cultivation, and we treat every single olive tree with the attention and the passion it deserves. Convinced that everything we give to nature comes back to us.

Our cultivars

Each of the cultivars present in our olive grove, carefully chosen at the time of the installation, characterize our oil, giving it a unique and excellent organoleptic imprint.

The olive cultivars present in our olive farm are mainly 3: Dolce di Rossano, Coratina and Cima di Melfi.

D O L C E    D I    R O S S A N O
Is the native cultivar and is present with majestic centuries-old olive trees. Which are the landscape symbol of our territory and a cultural heritage that we are committed to preserve. From this cultivar we get a light fruity olive oil, pleasant and delicate.

Coratina is a popular cultivar in Italy, originally from Puglia. It was chosen for our olive grove for its important productive and qualitative characteristics. We strongly wanted this cultivar because is very resistant to diseases and adaptable to our environment. It also ensures an high quality profile, expressed with very high polyphenols, substances with strong nutraceutical properties that give to oil its bitter and spicy imprints.

C I M A    D I    M E L F I
It is a cultivar originally from Basilicata and widespread also in Puglia, which is the cultivar that we have planted more recently. It has adapted very well to our land, expressing itself with excellent production continuity and with high quality of the fruit that matures later. This cultivar gives to our oil good sensations of fruity combined with notes of fresh almonds and artichoke.

So, the majestic and secular trees of Dolce di Rossano produce a pleasant and delicate oil. While the younger olive trees of Coratina and Cima di Melfi offer an oil which has bitter and spicy organoleptic expressions and with  very high content of polyphenols.

This is how Ruskìa oils born.
D o n n a    F e l i c i a    a n d    D o n    M i m ì.

The cultivation practices

We love our olive grove and we personally take care of it. Every day. With passion and devotion, experience and professionalism. 

We work our soils with minimally invasive practices in order to preserve the ecosystem. Using grassing and organic fertilization, so to increase the micro flora and micro fauna that enrich our soil.

We prune our olive trees every year with the help of experts in the field, so to give every tree the shape of the polyconic vase. A technique that we believe provides the perfect balance between vegetative and productive part. The pruning residues are then shredded into the ground to increase its organic substance.

Harvesting takes place at the beginning of the olive’s veraison. In particular when the colour of the olive turns from intense green to a final coloration which varies between purplish red and black.  We ensure that it is the perfect harvesting period. So to get the best balance between polyphenol content, organoleptic expression and oil yield. Harvesting is done by hand picking with the help of mechanical aids, being careful not to damage the olives that fall in the nets. From the net, we then place the olives in perforated boxes so to ensure proper ventilation and prevent fermentation phenomena which could alter the quality of the oil.

Once harvested, olives are immediately brought to the modern frantoio (olive oil mill). Where, after being washed and defoliated, are processed under time and temperature conditions carefully monitored. We adopt modern extractive techniques which guarantee a very high level quality of our oil.

Finally, we take care of the bottling, labelling and packaging phase. Also here by following high quality standards. With the aim of reaching our customers’ tables with an organic extra virgin olive oil of absolute excellence.