Rossano, civitas nobilis ac vetusta.

Ruskìa Olive Oil • Origins

Poiché la carità del natio loco
mi strinse, raunai le fronde sparte.
(Dante, Inf. XIV, 1-2)

Located between pristine mountains and clear sea, Rossano is a city with 3000 years of history. From Enotri who have lived there about thousand years before Christ, to Ruskìa, port and arsenal of Thurii (the second Sybaris) in the thriving magno-greek period (VIII-III cent. BC). From strategic “fortress city” in the Roman empire to unquestioned leader, for many centuries, with the Byzantines. Rossano takes its current name from the reddish colour of its land (“timpe russe”). However, the old Rossano, the one on the sea, in ancient times was called Ruskìa. From greek rusion, ρύσιον (“that saves”) and akron, άκρον (“promontory”).

It is from here, from the most remote origins of our city that derives the name of our oil and our brand. A name that has its roots in the old Magna-Graecia, a period during which the olive oil directly contributed to increase the importance of our territory so to let it become a key player of the economic and civil relations in the Mediterranean. So, with the name Ruskìa we want to honour our most remote origins, with the belief that history will repeat itself and our territory and culture will return as before and once again be appreciated around the world.